Hi, I'm Eric! I am a wildlife & nature photographer located in Anchorage, Alaska. I'm not your typical photographer, in fact, I'm color deficient and I don't know what purple is. Color deficiency has attempted to shatter my dreams many many times, however, it will not defeat me! Landscape photography has always caught my attention, but there is nothing like the adrenalin rush of photographing wild animals. I believe that my duty here is to photograph wild animals to raise awareness regarding climate change effecting habitats to animal extinctions. 




How did you get into photography?

While growing up, I was really into the car scene. I had Super Street magazines laying around all over, including the same issues in my school backpack for months at a time. I love the way the cars looked in the magazines and that's what I wanted to pursue. I wanted to be featured in Super Street magazine. For my twentieth birthday, my mother had purchased my first camera- Nikon D40 kit! I was so attached to that camera, yet I had no idea what I was doing with it. Reading the manual about 7 times was very very helpful! My father loved photography and always carried around his Canon film body. He was very addicted to history and National Geographic. My mother was an excellent Bob Ross landscape style painter. So, between my father who loved photography and my mother who loved landscapes, put those two together and here I am! However, I have a unique trait- I am color deficient. 


You're color deficient?!

Yes, the gene was passed down from my mother's father. I am not completely colorblind, I have issues with red/greens, blue/purples, pink/grey shades. Purple is almost nonexistent to me. 


What is the photo editing like while being color deficient? 

Well first of all, I don’t really like to use Photoshop with my photos. I think that nature and wildlife speak for themselves, but I will go in and make some minor adjustments. Landscapes I will spend more time on because they are full of colors that all blend together to me. I would remove all saturation of each color and then put it up to the max, just to see exactly what it is that I’m changing in the photograph. Then, I adjust it to my liking and pray that you will like it too. 


What do you want to accomplish through your work?

My overall goal with my work is to share the true beauties of the world. I'm very addicted to wildlife due to the everyday challenges and obstacles that they deal with on a daily basis. It is tough for many humans all over the world to survive, imagine what animals go through after the poor acts of humans. My second objective is to inspire other color deficient people to not become discouraged with pursuing their dreams. Don't let other people's opinions bring you down on your photos. Everyone has an opinion and that is just what it is. Take the good with the bad, and adjust if you please. 


Who inspires you?

I have some really amazing friends and family that are always pushing me to strive for more. I work with a lot of talented and goal driven people, that inspire me to think outside of the box, teaching me more to have an open mind.  As for pro-photographers- Paul Nickeln, Aaron Huey, Barrett Hedges, Nathaniel Wilder, Jasper James, Dustin Farrell and Aaron Feinberg.


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

In 5 years from now, I will be providing you with a truly amazing portfolio filled with Polar Bears, Lynx, Dall Sheep, Wolves, and all other exotic Yukon animals. In fact, National Geographic or National Geographic Creative will, indeed, publish my work.